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As part of the American Cities Climate Challenge — and in keeping with its years-long commitment to emissions reductions — Pittsburgh established big climate goals. Then, like so many cities, they had to figure out how to fund them.

Grant Ervin, Pittsburgh’s Chief Resilience Officer, recalls a conversation with colleagues on the budget and finance side in a joint conference of CFOs, CROs, and CSOs in 2017 “We were so excited about what we wanted to do, and they kept calling our projects ‘unicorn projects,’” recalls Ervin. “They spoke a whole different language: budget cycles and bond ratings. I realized…

See how Washington, D.C., Portland, and Honolulu are making them happen.

For cities on the front lines of climate, equity, and infrastructure, government innovation is more than just flashy technology. It’s also a function of how cities approach budgets, staffing plans, and community engagement when they take on big climate projects — some of which, like bus lanes, aren’t necessarily high tech, but nevertheless have high potential for impact.

The 25 cities in the American Cities Climate Challenge are focused on two main levers to reduce carbon emissions: energy initiatives, including renewable energy and improved energy efficiency in buildings, and…

How cities are changing the way they work to improve equity and energy outcomes for residents

Cities: Unique opportunities. Unique challenges.

With more than 80% of Americans and more than half the world living in cities, Mayors and city leaders have a critical role to play in national and global efforts.

In fact, research from America Is All In, the most expansive coalition of local leaders ever assembled in support of climate action in the United States, found that a comprehensive strategy that fully activates cities, states and businesses, can reduce U.S. …

What would it take to deliver results on the ground?

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act is remarkable not only in its sheer scope — 1.9 trillion dollars — but also in the discretion afforded its recipients. Simply put, there are very few strings attached.

This presents city, state, and federal agencies with an incredible — if potentially unnerving — opportunity: A chance to build a blue-sky strategic plan, and then actually fund it.

Why would this be unnerving?

Consider the Top Chef competition. In the earlier challenges of a season, contestants are given a limited set of ingredients (or some other prompt) and told to make the best meal possible within those parameters. …

Delivery Associates

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